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Welcome to Starling Associates, Inc.

SAI Covers Newest Industry Standards

Starling Associates software products are grouped into three categories: Natural Gas Measurement products, Phase Behavior Suite of products, and one Natural Gas Properties product.
1.   Natural Gas Measurement - The Natural Gas Measurement group consists of four independent software options: GOFW2015, GOFXLV5, GOFIntranet2015, and GOFLIBC2015.
2.   Phase Behavior Suite - The Phase Behavior Suite of products may be used independently or together depending on the end user’s needs. The Phase Behavior Suite has three software options: PRDewPointCurveXL2017, PREnvelopeAndLiquidDropOut, C6PlusHCDPMatch. 
3.   Natural Gas Properties – Starling Associates offers GasProps2008. GasProps2008 accurately calculates 21 natural gas properties using equations in the gas industry standards AGA Report No. 8 and AGA Report No. 10. 

Why Choose Starling Associates?
Since 1992, Starling Associates has been the defacto standard in natural gas measurement software, including natural gas and hydrocarbon properties software, natural gas flow meter software, natural gas dew point software, and natural gas thermodynamic properties software.
We know that others check their software against the Starling Associates software as the test for accuracy, making Starling Associates the de facto software standard.  Starling Associates assures our customers of ACCURACY without COMPROMISE.




The latest edition of SAI's most popular software with latest standards.


Calculate natural gas dew point temperatures at specified pressures and create dew point temperature versus pressure curves in an Excel spreadsheet.


For very rich gases, extend gas analysis mathematically so the equation of state will match the single measured dew point taken from a typical gas chromatographic analysis coupled with a dew point measurement.