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SAI Phase Behavior Suite

PRDewpoint CurveXL2016 PREnvelopeAnd LiquidDropOut  C6PlusHCDP match
Product Focus Dew Points Envelope, Quality Curves, Dew Points C6+ Characterizarion, Dew Points
Suggested User Level Field Technician / Operator Engineer / Supervisor Engineer / Supervisor
Option to use C6PlusHCDPmatch inputs Yes1 Yes1 -----
Max Hydrocarbon Component C28 C28 C28
Maximum C6+ Mole Percentage 0.97% 2.00% 2.00%
Maximum C6+ Molecular Weight 97 102 102
User Interface Excel Executable Executable
Operating System Windows Windows Windows
Input and Output from/to Excel Yes Yes Yes
English and SI Units Yes  Yes Yes
Hydrocarbon Dew Point (HCDP) for Detailed Gas Analysis Yes Yes Yes
HCDP for Gas Analysis with Lumped Hexanes Plus  Yes Yes Yes
HCDP using Hexanes Plus Estimated Composition at any Pressure Yes Yes Yes
Natural Gas Dew Point Curve Yes Yes No
HCDP Temperature versus Pressure Curve Yes Yes No
Table of HCDP Temp versus Pressure Yes Yes No
Cricondentherm and Cricondenbar Temperature and Pressure Yes Yes No
Hydrocarbon Phase Envelope No Yes No
Liquid Drop Out in Phase Envelope No Yes No
Vapor/Liquid Quality Curves No Yes No
Lower Dewpoint and Upper Dewpoint. No Yes No
Table of Bubble Point Temp vs Pressure No Yes No
Matches Calculated to Measured HCDP  No No Yes
Good for verification of similar software Yes Yes Yes
Control conditions to maintain operation in single phase gas region. Yes Yes Yes
Decide max amounts of rich gases allowed at inlet points based on HCDP calculations Yes Yes Yes
Can be used for very rich natural gases3 No Yes Yes
Can be used for flowing conditions in vapor plus liquid 2 phase flow pipelines No Yes No
Evaluate operation in the temperature-pressure region of phase envelope  No Yes No
Estimates composition of very rich gases3 No No Yes
Can avoid expensive Extended Analysis4 No No Yes
Significantly reduce sampling frequency No No Yes
1 Interactivity between the products requires license of C6HCDPmatch and one of the other products.
2. calculations above can be performed at natural gas pipeline operating conditions, metering conditions, compressor inlet conditions, gas turbine inlet conditions, and separator vapor outlet conditions
3. very rich natural gas is defined here as > 1% C6+
4. extends Gas Analysis mathematically to match calculated dp with measured dp temp at pipeline pressure