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GasProps2008 accurately calculates 21 natural gas properties using equations in the gas industry standards AGA Report No. 8 and AGA Report No. 10.  The research project to develop these equations was led by Ken Starling, the founder of Starling Associates, Inc.  The GasProps2008 software is accessed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format enabling you to calculate natural gas speed of sound, critical flow coefficient, Joule-Thomson coefficient, density, compressibility factor, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, isentropic exponent and other thermodynamic properties.


  • Sonic Prover Calculations -  the calculated speed of sound times the cross-sectional area at the minimum diameter of a sonic prover is the volume flow rate
  • Ultrasonic Meter Speed of Sound Validation - check the calculations of the speed of sound used by the ultrasonic meter to calculate flow rate
  • Flow Computer Properties Validation - check the gas properties calculations of an electronic flow meter
  • Joule-Thomson Temperature Drop Calculations – calculate temperature drops across valves and pressure regulators to assess the potential for liquid water and hydrates 
  • Compressor Design Calculations - calculate natural gas compressor power requirements, number of compressor stages, intercooler duties and discharge temperatures
  • Compressor Troubleshooting Calculations - compare actual operating conditions versus design conditions to determine deterioration in efficiency, increased power requirements, increased internal recycle, and if discharge temperature exceeds lubricant maximum
  • Heat Exchanger Design Calculations - calculate natural gas heat exchanger duties and temperature profiles (GasProps2008 also can be used for air properties, and so for air coolers, and also for combustion gas, and so for heaters using combustion gas) 
  • Heat Exchanger Operation and Troubleshooting Calculations - monitor heat exchanger efficiency, determine changes in heat transfer coefficient and fouling factor, detect leaks


The suggestion to provide gas properties calculations in a spreadsheet format was made in 2002 by Jim Witte of El Paso Corporation to Ali Quraishi of the American Gas Association around the time that AGA Report No. 10 was in final draft.  Starting with the source code developed by Warren Peterson of Transcanada Pipelines, Ken Starling, SAI founder, developed the GasProps software.  Because of Jim Witte’s desire to have the Joule-Thomson coefficient included, a JT algorithm was developed for GasProps.

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