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GOFIntranet2015 allows companies to create in-house custom natural gas properties and flow calculation applications for use in intranet applications installed on servers using Microsoft Windows operating systems.  GOFIntranet2015 has all of the calculation possibilities and standards implementations of GOFXL2015 but in an intranet application. Therefore, the GOFIntranet.dll can be used for intranet based calculations of natural gas properties and natural gas flowrates using orifice meters (both flange and pipe taps).  Calculations of gas flowrates for linear meters also can be performed.
GOFIntranet2015 was developed by Starling Associates and its founder, Kenneth E. Starling, long-time researcher in the accurate measurement of natural gas flow and principal author of the standard AGA Report No. 8. GOFIntranet2015 has the latest standards implemented in its dll.


Starling Associates can work with companies that have different systems, but the baseline requirements are 32 bit microprocessor and Microsoft Windows server version 2003 or later.

For J2EE programmers, an interface known as GOFIntranet.jar is provided.

GOFIntranet.jar is compatible with JVM version and higher.

The GOFIntranet.dll interface is the function GOFIntranet(InputArray, OutputArray) where InputArray is an array of 93 double precision floating point input variables and OutputArray is an array of 106 double precision floating point output variables.

InputArray has options for calculation of variables that include: AGA 3.3 (2013), AGA 8 (1994 Reprint, 1985), AGA 3 (1992, 1985), GPA 2172 (2009, 1996), AGA NX19 (1962).  Also covered are parts of: AGA 7 (1996, Turbine Meters) and AGA 9 (2007, Ultrasonic Meters), and AGA 11 (2013, Coriolis Meters).

Gas properties input choices include HV/SG/CO2, SG/CO2/N2, Full Gas Analysis, Licensee Input of Gas Density or Compressibility Factors, HV/SG/CO2/N2, HV/CO2/N2, and SG/METHANE/CO2/N2. Error codes alert the user if their temperature/pressure entries are outside the range of standards.

OutputArray consists of variables such as gas volume flowrate, gas compressibility factor and supercompressibility factor, relative density, pipe Reynolds number and numerous factors involved in flowrate calculations.

A great strength of GOFIntranet2015 is the flexibility it allows for development of custom applications for your in-house company servers.  Starling Associates is available for helping a company with customization needs.

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