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GOFW2015 was primarily designed to assist field technicians with the management of natural gas measurement facilities.  The software runs on Windows based computers and has the look and feel of a notebook on the computer screen. The software is popular in operations where simplicity of use is important and there is no need to customize the software.

GOFW2015 screenshot
GOFW2015 Window Example

The software covers: AGA 3.3 (2013), AGA 8 (1994 Reprint, 1985), AGA 3 (1992, 1985), GPA 2172 (2009, 1996), AGA NX19 (1962).  Also covered are parts of: AGA 7 (1996, turbine meters) and AGA 9 (2007, Ultrasonic Meters), and AGA 11 (2013, Coriolis Meters).

Major types of meter calculations available include: flange tapped and pipe tapped orifice meters, linear meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters and coriolis meters.


Commonly cited uses by customers include: calculation of volumetric and mass flow rates, comparisons of flow rates for meter calibrations, comparisons of different measurement standards, verifications of in-house calculations, Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), calculation of orifice size from volumetric flowrate or tube size, calculation of differential pressure from volumetric flowrate, calculation of heating values, and calculation of total energy.

GOFW2015 makes quantitative calculations of the effects of meter changes showing “As Found”, “As Left” and “Comparison” for volume, energy, monetary value and other pertinent quantities.  All of this information can be recorded in several formats, including a “Crystal Reports” file.  The files can be used for record-keeping purposes as well as for transmission to the office environment.  In addition, the original data files created in the field can be saved on the laptop and uploaded to desktop office computers which use the GOFW2015 software.

Some special features in GOFW2015 are as follows:

  • Field Meter Test - Record gas meter inspections
  • Meter Changes - Record field measurement calibration and equipment changes
  • Volume Calculator - Calculate natural gas volumes or other variables associated with gas measurement
  • Gas Quality Calculator - From lab analysis data calculate associated variables such as heating value in BTU/scf and gas gravity (also calculate comparisons for different input data)
  • Lost Revenue Calculator - Calculate gas revenue loss associated with meter changes and changes in input data, such as lab analysis data
  • Report Generator – Automatically generate reports showing “As Found”, “As Left” and “Comparison” for volume, energy, monetary value, etc.
  • Units Converter – Convert all units from US to metric or metric to US units


In 1996, Union Oil Company of California requested that SAI develop a product using the Microsoft Windows operating system which could be used by Unocal field technicians to manage natural gas measurement facilities, with an emphasis on knowing the differences between the “As Found” and “As Left” meter conditions and the effect on calculated quantities such as volume, energy, and monetary value.
In the period 1996-2000, a team led by Juan Luongo, then SAI President, developed CO$TFLOW, a predecessor of GOFW2008.  Unocal personnel involved included Myron Goforth and Steve Baldwin, gas plant and metering specialists with extensive field experience.  Prior to the purchase of Unocal by Chevron, CO$TFLOW was  used extensively in Unocal gas measurement short courses organized by the John Campbell Co. and taught by Ken Starling, SAI founder, at Unocal locations in both the US and Thailand.

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