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GOFXL2015 is Starling Associates most popular natural gas measurement software that enables users to create customized solutions using Excel workbooks. Major types of meter calculations available include: flange tapped and pipe tapped orifice meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters and coriolis meters. GOFXL2015 has proven valuable in the engineering design environment, the field environment and the office environment.  In each application, customized GOFXL2015 spreadsheet forms can be used if desired to achieve uniform style and format within the company.

GOFXL2015 Example 1

The software covers: AGA 3.3 (2013), AGA 8 (1994 Reprint, 1985), AGA 3 (1992, 1985), GPA 2172 (2009, 1996), AGA NX19 (1962).  Also covered are parts of: AGA 7 (1996, Turbine Meters) and AGA 9 (2007, Ultrasonic Meters), and AGA 11 (2013, Coriolis Meters).


Commonly cited uses by customers include:

  • Meter Installation Design - compare the effects of changing meter tube diameter and orifice diameter on the ranges of flow rate for acceptable limits of differential pressure without orifice plate deformation
  • Meter Changes – calculate the effects of field measurement calibration and equipment changes
  • Volume and Mass Flow Rates Calculator - calculate natural gas volumes or other variables associated with gas measurement
  • Differential Pressure Calculations – calculate the differential pressure from volumetric flowrate
  • Heating Value and Total Energy -  calculate heating values and total energy using the latest standards
  • Comparisons of Standards – perform calculations using different applicable measurement standards and then compare the calculations
  • Facilities Management - use by field technicians in the inspection and management of natural gas measurement facilities
  • Flow Computer Validation – check the calculations of an electronic flow meter over a period of recorded clock time
  • Verifications of In-House Calculations – when calculations need to be verified for accuracy for either due diligence or as part of an agreement between multiple parties
  • API 21.1 Validation - check the integrity of the time averaging of variables such as average differential pressure used to obtain the gas volume integrated over the time period (e.g., 3600 seconds) according to API 21.1, the standard for electronic measurement
  • SCADA Data Transfer Verification – check the integrity of data transfers in SCADA systems which must use different protocols to obtain data from different manufacturers’ flow computers
  • Accounting Calculations - volume checking and recalculation in the accounting office environment


The suggestion to provide gas measurement calculations in a spreadsheet format was made in 1992 by John Stuart of Pacific Gas and Electric in a meeting with Ken Starling, SAI founder.  John, who was very active in gas measurement professional groups, had volunteered to review an MS DOS program for orifice metering developed by SAI using the 1992 revisions of the AGA 8/API 14.2 properties standard and the API 14.3/AGA 3/ANSI 2530-92/GPA 8185-92 orifice metering standard.  John felt that a spreadsheet format would be especially useful when a large number of calculations need to be performed and/or compared. 

Previous SAI products meeting these needs were GOFXL, GOFXL2002, and GOFXL2008, the predecessors to GOFXL2015.  SAI products performed orifice and linear meter calculations in Microsoft Excel and were designed to meet the needs expressed by John Stuart and subsequently by other gas measurement experts.


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