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Choose a License Option that Fits Your Needs!

Licensing options available for SAI software include the following:  One year or three year licenses for individual PCs, evergreen licenses for company PC or intranet server licenses and source code licenses.  Additional information is given below.

Licensing types include the following:

Individual licensing directly to your PC or laptop allows installation of the software on your computer. A small verification file is asked for in the setup process which once added allows the software to run for the license period.

Server-based licensing installs a license file on your company server while the software itself is installed on any number of company computers. For example, if you license five license seats, any five computers logged into the server can be using the software. If a sixth person accesses the software, they are provided a message asking them to try again later.

For individuals who need access to the software in situations where a server is not available (for example, technicians in the field), a license can be "detached" from the server and attached for a pre-determined period of time to that individual's laptop. Any number of license seats are available.

Contact SAI for pricing options to specifically meet your company’s needs.