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We did the research ... we wrote the book!

Each SAI software product has been developed to meet a range of customer needs. Because no single software product can meet all customers’ needs, the same computation module may be used in multiple SAI software products. For example, natural gas properties calculation modules are used in all products in the SAI Natural Gas Measurement Suite, but each product in the suite has been designed to meet a different range of customer needs. Thus, each SAI software product provides a unique customer value proposition. Generally, SAI products have been developed at the request or suggestion of an industry group or a highly respected individual in the industry.


GOFW2015 was designed to assist field technicians with the management of natural gas measurement facilities.  The software has the look and feel of a notebook on the computer screen.


GOFIntranet2015 is a powerful calculation dll developed by Starling Associates to create in-house custom natural gas properties and flow calculation applications on your company intranet. Principal uses include calculations of natural gas properties and natural gas flowrates using orifice meters (both flange and pipe taps).  Calculations of gas flowrates for linear meters also can be performed.


Using the natural gas composition, PRDewPointCurveXL2016 calculates the natural gas hydrocarbon dew point (HCDP) curve in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  PRDewPointCurveXL2016 outputs a table of the HCDP Tupper versus Pressure.  Tupper is the highest temperature at a given pressure at which liquid starts to condense.


C6PlusHCDPmatch extends the gas analysis mathematically so the Peng Robinson equation of state will match the single measured dew point taken from a typical gas chromatographic analysis coupled with a dew point measurement.


GOFXL2015 is still available for users who have not transitioned to GOFXLV5.


GOFXLV5 is the latest edition to SAI's most popular product line in the SAI Natural Gas Measurement Suite among customers who need or prefer to utilize spreadsheets in their work.


GOFLIBC2015 is in C Code so it can be implemented on a server, mainframe, and PC levels with various operating systems.  GOFLIBC2015 also can be implemented in firmware for use in control and electronic flow measurement software.


GasProps2008 accurately calculates 21 natural gas properties using equations in the gas industry standards AGA Report No. 8 and AGA Report No. 10.


PREnvelopeAndLiquidXL software provides accurate calculations of hydrocarbon mixture phase envelopes and liquid drop out within the phase envelopes.